1. Support active grammar checking and answer polishing
  2. Support open scene dialogue, chat freely from travel to business
  3. Support the display of course scores and progress, allowing you to visually see your progress
  4. Add support for Vietnamese language
  5. Support punch card learning


  1. Multi-language online, supporting 8 languages learning in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
  2. Support to choose favorite tone. Not only can you switch between British and American accents, but there are also a variety of character timbres to choose from.
  3. Support to adjust the speech rate. Fast, medium and slow, choose the speaking speed that suits you according to your needs.
  4. Long press the record button to support sending text, and you can also input Chinese translation and send it.


For the healthy and long-term operation of SpeakAI, a payment plan is now launched. Less than a cup of coffee a month ☕ In addition:

  1. Free users still enjoy 10 free dialogue opportunities per day
  2. Participate in the grass planting activity now, 100% free members, come and try it~


【New Features】

  1. Added scenario courses, more courses are being updated
  2. Added flashcard follow-up function, you can practice the sentences in the notebook repeatedly
  3. Support registration and login, existing data will be automatically synchronized to the new account

【Function Optimization】

  1. Live mode supports subtitles
  2. Long press the record button to support text input


【New Features】

  1. Real-time mode, 1v1 real-time calls with Jenny teacher.
  2. Support for automatic grammar checking.

【Function Optimization】

  1. IOS end text long press supports selecting individual words.

【Bug Fixes】

  1. Fix the issue that the send button can not be clicked when the network is poor.
  2. Fix the issue that the history page can not be scrolled when too long.


【New Features】

  1. Added conversation translation function, no need to look up words in the dictionary for unfamiliar words anymore.
  2. Added notebook function for collecting messages and unified review.
  3. Added prompt word function for reference answers when unsure how to respond.

【Feature Optimization】

  1. Extended maximum conversation time to 60 seconds.
  2. Long-press messages to select and copy text.

【Bug Fixes】

  1. Fixed the issue of voice playback continuing after exiting the chat.
  2. Fixed the issue of voice playback not stopping during recording.